What could it be for you?

This 12.8 acre site, with a 49 tree pecan orchard (ag. exempt), could be many things for different people.  Just 6-8 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg,, Wal-Mart, HEB, many churches, unique shopping, fine restaurants, wineries, etc., it could be any of the following:

Weekend Retreat

 For us, it's more of a basic cabin, with all of the necessities for a weekend getaway, but does not have the fancy frills of a high end bed and breakfast.  This 1 ½ story design of 1,232 sq.ft, has the master bedroom and bath on the first floor, with two additional bedrooms and full bath to be finished out upstairs.  All mechanicals are roughed in. The upstairs could also be finished out as a master bedroom suite with bath, or one large special purpose room with bath. There is also a full basement that includes a storeroom/shelter, full bath, and one car garage.  Also included is a one vehicle carport.  The first floor is ground level at the front entry, and second story at the back deck.

Disaster Relocation Site

The entire structure is poured concrete with commercial grade concrete block walls. Siding on the gable ends of this       1 1/2 story design matches the metal roof.  The basement storeroom has many serious disaster shelter features.  The house is totally off-grid for very low cost living, and lots of deep topsoil for extensive gardening.  This would make a great first structure for a family compound.  There is an ideal location for a stock pond near the pecan orchard.

Ideal Location for that Dream Home

With the cabin to live in while building, this site has a magnificant view, privacy - everything needed to immediately began construction on that dream home.  There is even a second water well and an approved building site in the middle of the pecan orchard.

Small Ranch

All it would take is some fencing and you're ready for the animals:  horses, goats, sheep, exotics, etc.  Roughly 4 acres is costal bermuda. There are roughly 30-35 whitetail and axis deer that live in the woods on the property, and come out to graze, browse, or eat pecans every morning.  How about a peach orchard, or maybe a  vinyard?  Make your own wine or sell the grapes to the many nearby wineries.

NOTE;  Designed to be a weekend retreat, disaster relocation site, and a place to live while building our dream home in a spectacular setting, the house was never intended to be our primary residence.

Sell Price


Tract I,  6.4 acres including house:    $299,000

Tract II, 6.4 acres w/pecan orchard: $110,000

Tract I & II as one purchase:                  $399,000

One year purchase option on Tract II available to purchaser of Tract I.

Owner financing available for Tract II if purchased with Tract I.

Tract II is not for sale without purchase of Tract I.

Many of the “ranchette” subdivisions, 3 to 7 miles from downtown Fredericksburg, price small acreage tracts of 5 to 15 acres at $30,000 to $40,000 per acre, even though many such properties are covered with mesquite trees and a variety of cactus, with houses lined up down a central road. The property offered for sale here is a showplace as is, has privacy, and has its own utilities, including off-grid solar power, gravity septic system, and two water wells.

Included in sale:

All appliances, furniture, rugs

Golf cart & 66” trail mower

50” riding mower

Electric concrete mixer

Gas post hole digger

Many garden tools and hand tools



(More pictures to come)

As of July 10, 2019, the house is roughly 80% complete.  The following list could be wrapped up in a matter of weeks by any general contractor or experienced DIY type.  The house can be lived in comfortably as is.

1st floor – window, door, & base trim,

hang 2 closet doors.

2nd floor – mechanical rough-in, hang

sheetrock (already stacked upstairs),

mechanical top out, trim and paint. 

Stairwells – ready for finish trimout.

Roof trim on east side of house

and deck.  Most material on site.

Low retaining walls on sides of house,

matching concrete block on site.

Complete gravel driveway.

Front yard fence, (for the dogs), 

post sockets embedded in block wall.



Since our "Welcome Sign" went up early on in construction, we have had no uninvited visitors.  It’s not very friendly, but is very effective!  Please do not try to visit the site without an appointment with the owner.  Violators will be prosecuted!

For more information, contact

Phone:  512-658-9285